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Oh man, oh man, I’m blushing. It’s this line that kills me:

We’re playing The Museum of Parallel Art, a game which she would later describe as “fun” because “it’s not, like…I didn’t know there were games like this.”

When we were brainstorming at the Global Game Jam, we purposefully tried to do something that was completely out of our comfort zone, something new. So reading this is super rewarding.

The second time my cards didn’t have any obvious parallels to any of the paintings, so I had to do serious telepathy with my friend, which is much deeper and more interesting. What is their history, their mindset, their personality? How well do I know them? In which way is this painting of a mountain like a fist, or a bird, or a king? Are they going to think of the triumph of conquering a mountain, fist raised? Or a bird flying high past the peaks, both free to kiss the sky? The game is best at this level of abstraction, creating complex layers of symbolic communication between you and the other player.
At the end of the game (you did obey the instruction to look away when it wasn’t your go, didn’t you?), both players compare notes, before you realise you have absolutely nothing in common and you have that argument again, you know, the one about the washing. Thanks a lot, Neverpants, you jerks.
— Tom Sykes, PC Gamer, about Museum of Parallel Art

Play Museum of Parallel Art now!

I recommend downloading the standalone version (Mac or PC available!), using an Xbox 360 Controller, and obviously, playing with someone! ^_^

What is it?

Visiting the virtual Museum of Parallel Art is a very special experience you will share with someone. Get a friend or a stranger, a controller and have a nice relaxing time in our little museum.

You’ll express your thoughts and feelings towards art with cards, or try to view the world as your peer and guess the cards he or she has played. Comparing cards will prompt conversation and is sure to connect you two.

This game was originally made in 48 hours by Neverpants (Dom2D, technobeanie & seventysevian), featuring art both classic and new, with contributions by many amazing artists like Anthony Clark, Justin Chan, Nic ter Horst, Tom Eccles, Aliceffekt and way more! We’ve spent a little bit of time polishing it and adding art and cards since.

Randomly generated from a database of over 200 “paintings” and a multitude of cards, the Museum of Parallel Art is different every time you visit. For more information check out our blog at!

Trailer - Screenshots - Cards - Contributing Artists


More screenshots from Museum of Parallel Art

Art contributions by Myriame Lachapelle, Renee P., Noreen Rana, Rob Chandler, Anthony Clark, and others!


Symbol cards for Museum of Parallel Art

We’re getting really close to release! Check out the trailer and keep this blog for more information.